This photo blog is the accompaniment to Sharing My Castle in The Clouds, the personal weblog of Nancy Gallant, Social Entrepreneur and the Founder of Time Well Spent, a mission-driven, triple-bottom-line enterprise.

On this photoblog are examples of the types of products that artist members will make in the Workshop at Time Well Spent (or in their homes and art studios) and sell on consignment in the Common Space, the retail area at Time Well Spent. Each sale will help a local artist and help spread the message of Time Well Spent, living with mindful awareness of our daily choices and their social and environmental impact. The pictures are from research done on the internet and all of the amazing artists’ websites are provided.

Nancy is using her weblog and this photoblog to share her thoughts, ideas, musings, and plans as she  tackles the great (both big and wonderful!) undertaking of launching Time Well Spent. To learn more about this innovative new business concept, click here to go to Nancy’s weblog. Bear in mind that the weblog is indeed a blog and, as such, is ever-changing with updates regarding the pre-launch actvities.

In an attempt to define some of the main points and plans for Time Well Spent, there are a number of set pages on the weblog which are listed at the top of the blog, above the clouds. Visitors interested in learning the details are encouraged to check out those pages in addition to reading the blog post entries.

Your response, opinion, ideas and questions are welcome and appreciated, both here and on the weblog.


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